What Attracts Mosquitoes to My Yard?

This question is a pressing one, because mosquitoes are more than annoying. They often carry diseases that are serious or fatal, especially to pets, children, and adults with pre-existing conditions.

A miniscule amount of standing water attracts mosquitoes to your yard like a moth to a flame. Most people think to keep things like pet dishes and birdbaths either dry or full of fresh water. But in this case, the culprit could be something like an overturned child’s toy or a discarded bottlecap.

Furthermore, mosquitoes are usually attracted to humid environments. These insects are very delicate. Moist air is easier on their bodies than dry air.

The Relationship Between Mosquitoes and Water

Adult mosquitoes typically lay their eggs in water. The moisture protects the eggs and shields them from predators. Additionally, the water’s motion often floods the eggs, prompting them to hatch. Mosquito eggs are almost microscopic. So, a tiny bit of water, and a tiny bit of motion, is all that’s needed.

Mosquito larvae live underwater. They only come up to breathe. Once again, the water protects them from predators. Moreover, water gives them a zero-gravity environment, so there is little wear and tear on their delicate bodies. Water is also a food source. Mosquito larvae feed on tiny particulate matter floating in the water.

When mosquito larvae grow into pupas and then adults, they usually stay near the water’s surface to dry out. Then, they begin the flight stage of their life cycles. This stage usually lasts a few weeks at the most.

Right around the time female mosquitoes have their first blood meal, they usually breed. This breeding might or might not take place near water. However, as mentioned, females always lay their eggs in stagnant water.

Can I Get Rid of Mosquitoes on My Own?

Possibly. Keeping your yard free of any standing water will deter females from laying eggs in your yard. So, your home will not become ground zero for a new generation of mosquitoes. However, in densely populated areas, you might still deal with a mosquito infestation. After all, these bugs can fly. In sparsely populated areas, non-native infestations might not be a problem. Mosquitoes cannot fly more than a few hundred yards at the most.

If adult mosquitoes are a problem, you probably need professional help to get rid of them. DIY remedies, such as citronella torches and fans, usually keep mosquitoes from travelling from your neighbor’s yard to your barbecue. But they are pretty much useless if you have any kind of infestation.

Whether you see mosquitoes or not, always apply insect repellent and limit outdoor activity around dusk. That’s when mosquitoes are most active. Count on A Plus Pest Control to keep mosquitoes away from your family.


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