How Does Weather Affect Pests?

Whether the weather outside is frightful or not, it significantly affects small insects and other critters. In fact, if you have an infestation, chances are the pests are looking for shelter from the weather.

There is a direct relationship between weather changes and activity changes. That’s true for people as well as insects. So, different weather has a different impact in different pests. Regardless of the weather, a professional pest control service is the best way to keep pests away from your home and family. Pest infestations are annoying at best and life-threatening at worst. Your family’s safety is not something to leave to chance.

How Pests React to Dry Weather

People need water to live, and so do pests. If you were dying of thirst, you would do almost anything for a drink. Similarly, when conditions are dry, pests become desperate. They need moisture not only to survive, but also to breed. That’s especially true of mosquitoes.

Pests, particularly rodents and ants, are more likely to invade your home during dry periods. Once pests find moisture, even if it is only a tiny bit, they are very difficult to eradicate.

Ants and Floods

Flash floods and gully-washers are very common in Alabama during certain times of the year. Many people think that a large rush of water drowns ants. But in fact, the opposite is true. Unlike other crawling insects, ants can ride waves. Ants often count on seasonal floods to quickly transport them to a new food source. That new food source could be your home. So, after a heavy rain, serious ant problems often appear where there was no problem at all the previous week.

Pests During Rain and Wet Weather

Light or moderate rainfall also affects pests, mostly their breeding habits. A tiny bit of moisture is enough to protect insect eggs. So, a thin glaze of water on the ground often prompts insects to breed and lay eggs. The increased breeding creates a domino effect. More insects need more food. So, they aggressively seek out food sources. And, once they find these food sources or nesting areas, they also defend then very aggressively.

Cold Weather and Rodents

Cold Weather and Rodents

Extremely cold temperatures send many pests into hibernation. But when was the last time Alabama weather was “extremely cold?” Additionally, not all pests hibernate. Many pests, most notably rodents, continue to be a problem even when the mercury drops. However, their living habits change. Rats and mice are naturally outdoor creatures. But when it gets cold, like you and me, they do not like to stay outside. Therefore, they look for indoor nesting places near food sources.

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