What Mosquitoes Live in Alabama?

The first step in winning any battle is understanding the enemy. There are over 3,000 different varieties of mosquitoes in the world. Each one has certain immunities and certain characteristics. So, your pest control technician must understand the nature of the infestation in order for mosquito control be fully effective.
Culex pipiens is one of the most common mosquitoes in Alabama. In warm weather, these pests gather near standing water. Even a small puddle may attract dozens of these insects, especially if there are any waste materials in this water. To survive colder weather, these mosquitoes ingest nectar and other such fluids in the fall, store it as fat, and then seek shelter around garages and sheds during the winter.
The Northern House Mosquito is very dangerous to humans. These pests often transmit encephalitis and West Nile Virus.
As the name implies, Aedes vexans are essentially vexatious (annoying) to humans. However, a few are known to carry West Nile. Moreover, these pests are especially dangerous to pets because they often transmit the heartworm virus.
The Inland Floodwater Mosquito is not just found around water. These pests can fly up to fifteen miles. Furthermore, these mosquitos are multivoltine. They give birth to multiple generations per year. Since these insects live up to three months, which is a very long time for a mosquito, they lay and awful lot of eggs.

Mosquito Bite Reactions

In some cases, mosquito bite allergies can trigger anaphylactic shock and other possibly fatal conditions. Other times, the bites become infected and cause similar issues. But for the most part, doctors are unsure why some people have such strong reactions to mosquito bites. Some speculate that high protein levels or certain environmental toxins are to blame. But these are little more than speculation.
Therein lies the problem. There is simply no way to predict how certain individuals and animals will react to these bites. A significant number will experience something well beyond simple irritation and itching. Topical ointments are available to ease these symptoms. But aside from cortisone shots or powerful antibiotics, there is no known treatment for the bite itself.


Pests We Guarantee

For the safety and comfort of your family and guests, A+ Pest Control provides comprehensive mosquito suppression services that stop biting insects from invading your residential or commercial property. In many cases, prevention is the best cure. In this particular situation, prevention may be the only cure.

Mosquito Bite Disease

Despite their small size and pesky nature, these insects are by far the deadliest creatures in the world. All over the globe, as many as 300 million people a year contract malaria from mosquito bites. In the United States, roughly 1,000 Americans die every year as the direct result of a mosquito bite.
People with weak or compromised immune systems, such as children, the elderly, and the ill or injured, are especially at risk. Some of the more common conditions include:
Other mosquito bite-related diseases in the United States include Dengue fever and Eastern equine encephalitis.
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