Termite Treatment And Control

Termite Treatment

Here at A Plus Pest Control, we understand that every pest problem is different. When it comes to termites that is just as true. For this reason a thorough termite inspection is always the first step to determine what your needs and how to best address them. We have different solutions for active termite infestations, preventative termite treatments, and setting up a termite warranty or termite bond. No matter the situation, we will inspect and determine the most effective and give you all the options.

Termite Treatment Options

Any time there are active termites around your home we look to our Liquid Termidor HE treatment. Liquid termite treatments have been around for years and are still one of the most effective ways to eliminate termites from your home and protect against future invasion. For these termite treatments we always use Termidor HE. Termidor is the #1 termite protection product in the country. It will establish a continuous barrier of protection around your home. When applied by trained technicians, Termidor HE is guaranteed to eliminate the problem in 3 months or less. Once the problem is eliminated, Termidor remains, protecting your house day and night.
Another great option in termite control is the use of a bait system. These require a less invasive treatment/installation while still providing great protection against termites. Bait systems are designed to detect termites early, even before they reach your home, and eliminate the before the damage happens. As termites forage near your home the first find the wood in contact with the soil and begin feeding there. Once they start feeding they will bring this slow acting product back to the colony allowing it to spread and destroy the colony. We inspect these stations quarterly, allowing for quick detection and elimination.

Termite Treatment Warranty

No matter which termite treatment you choose, you will appreciate the warranty. You want to know that the termites are gone and that you have protection against them in the future. The state of Alabama requires that a termite treatment be done before any warranty is issued, whether there are active termites or not. There are 2 types of bonds common in Huntsville, Madison, Owens crossroads, and the surrounding area.


Pests We Guarantee

The first is a Re-treat Only Bond. For this, we will perform a termite treatment so that you have protection in place. Then we follow up with regular inspections and a yearly renewal. As long as we maintain those things, any time termites are found we will eliminate them at no additional cost to you. The second option in termite bonds is a Repair and Re-treat Bond. This has the same requirements as the Re-treat Only, but in addition to eliminating the termites we will REPAIR any new termite damage that may have been caused.

No matter what you are looking for, it all starts with a good inspection and a review of the options. Here at A Plus we will do what it takes to find the best solution for your needs to ensure that your home is protected.