Mosquito Control Huntsville AL

mosquito control huntsville aL

Do you have a beautiful yard that you don’t get to enjoy? Do mosquitoes trap you indoors on warm summer evenings? Mosquitoes are one pesky problem everyone encounters each summer. Not only do they bother you when you are out at the grill, or enjoying time outdoors with friends and family, but they can also carry diseases that can affect you, your children, and even your pets.
A Plus pest control knows about these diseases all too well. A few years back, there was a large West Nile virus outbreak. West Nile is carried and transmitted through mosquitoes. David, the owner, was bit by mosquito carrying the virus while in his yard one evening. Unfortunately, David was sent to the hospital with the Nuero-invasive West Nile Virus. It was the rarest and most severe form of the virus, causing meningitis and encephalitis. He was in the hospital for almost 4 months and then spent many more recovering. David now works to ensure that no one else must go through the same thing. Whether it is West Nile, ZIKA, Encephalitis, or anything else we want to help lower your risk at home.
Pets are often the family member who spend the most time in the yard. Cutting down on the mosquito population helps them as well. Not only can pets contract mosquito borne viruses, mosquitoes are one of the main causes of heartworms in pets. Our mosquito service helps protect our pets from mosquitoes, as well as another pest after their blood, TICKS.
We offer a stand-alone mosquito control service between March and October or bundle it with year round total pest protection for a discount! Let us help you enjoy the summer and protect your family through the summer! Give us a call today!

mosquito control huntsville aL

Each time our professional mosquito control technicians arrive at your home, you can expect the following:


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You should expect to see a large drop of the number of mosquitoes around your home. It will be normal for there to still be a few mosquitoes but there should be many less in number. If there are still too many mosquitoes to enjoy the outdoors, let us know and we will work to remedy the issue with our mosquito control service.
Give us a call to begin protecting your home and family from mosquitoes today! We service Huntsville, Madison and Owens Cross Roads area. Let us be your Huntsville Mosquito control experts!