Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Pest troubles usually begin outside your home, then progress to the inside. To give you and your family the best protection we offer a full service pest control to get rid of bugs inside and out.

Initial Service

The initial service is one of the most important parts of any successful pest management program. We often refer to this service as the “clean out” service because the goal is to get the bugs that may already be inside your home out, and to get rid of their nest and webs. Once the inside of your home has been treated and is bug free keeping them out is much easier. Following the initial pest control service we return within 30 days to start your regular monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service.

Treating the Inside

To keep pests out of your home for good we perform a very thorough service starting on the inside. We treat along your baseboards as insects often follow the baseboards as they move around your home. We treat your bathrooms, under your sinks, and anywhere that plumbing is coming through your walls as these are often the route bugs take to enter a house. We can also check the attic to ensure that there are no unwanted visitors living there.


Pests We Guarantee

Treating the Outside

The outside of your home is where most bugs live and grow. We make sure to treat all the harborage areas around the home and remove all the nests we can find. We start by sweeping all the eaves on your home; a 30 foot pole lets us reach even the tallest points. We can remove all of the spider webs, egg sacs, and wasp nests around your house. We use our 50 Gallon Power Sprayer to treat all of the eaves to keep those bugs from coming back and reclaiming their disturbed habitats. We treat 2-3 feet from the ground up and 10 feet out from the foundation, this will help control the pests.
This covers all of the weep holes on the home as well as the flower beds, bushes, and most common harborage areas near your home. Since rain is a common occurrence here in Alabama we apply a granular barrier throughout the lawn to keep the bugs even further from your home. These granules are designed to hold up in the rain and slowly break down to maintain the barrier an amazing 30 feet from your house.
Any ant mounds, or wasp nests that may be a little further from your home, or even a shed or shop on your property will be taken care of at no extra charge.

Our Worry-Free Guarantee

Every once in a while certain bugs will show up and need some special attention. We have over 50 years of combined experience and can take care of those problems as well.
If for some reason you see some bugs between the regular pest control services, or just aren’t quite satisfied, we will return free of charge to identify the issue and correct it. All it takes is a call, we guarantee it.