Tips to Avoid Bringing Pests Home

A+ Pest Control knows pest infestations. It’s not just our business; it’s our dedication to a cause. Pest free homes are healthy homes, and those homes are part of a healthy community. We consider ourselves part of that community.

Our company A+ Pest Control has come up with several approaches you can do to prevent pests from entering your home.

  • Keep a clean home. We realize with a family; this could get complicated. Those family members who enjoy watching television and eating on the sofa may put up some resistance. Make the kitchen the only place that food is eaten. When the meal is done, clean up and sweep up. Leftovers should be in an airtight container and refrigerated if possible.
  • Empty trash cans and recycling containers often. Wash them frequently, ideally every time they are emptied. Keep the large outdoor dumpsters away from the home. In warmer weather, those dumpsters are breeding grounds for flies and cockroaches. Cleaning those frequently will stop problems before they start.
  • Don’t keep rotting food around. This is an open invitation for house flies, fruit flies, and gnats. If the food sits out, these pests will lay eggs, and the issue will worsen.
  • Keep mulch, grass seed, birdseed, and pet food out of the garage. If there is an outbuilding such as a storage shed, utilize that. If it is necessary to keep large amounts of pet food or seeds, keep them in rodent and pest-proof containers. Is there standing water anywhere on the property? If the water is puddling outside, mosquitos will take advantage of it and start laying eggs. It is no secret; mosquitos carry a multitude of diseases. If water is pooling in the home, correct all problems. If there are mosquitos outside, they will come in if there is standing water. All pests need water, and providing it is a big welcome sign.
  • When children are playing outside, there is always the possibility of a pest following them in. Have them take off their shoes when they come in from playing. Check for ticks. Make sure they close the door; many flying pests are attracted to light inside houses. The same goes for your pets. It is nearly impossible to keep them from toting in flies, ticks, and mosquitos. Brush their coat often and outside the house. Check with your vet and determine if any pest control products are safe for your pet. Keep all pet food off the floor. Pests aren’t fussy about what they eat. Always pick up after your pet out in the yard. As stated before, pests aren’t particular about what they consume.
  • If there is a baby or toddler in the house, disposable diapers could be an issue. Keep small zip lock bags close to the changing area. Put any used diapers and wipes in the bags and close them tightly. Don’t get lazy and toss them in the bathroom trash. Outside and away from the house is the best place for them.
  • Bed Bugs. If there is an experienced and skillful freeloader, it’s the bed bug. Their only redeeming quality is they do not transmit disease. These pests don’t move very fast on their own; however, they have managed to make their way into homes the world over. It isn’t just bedding they invade. New and used furniture, mattresses, pillows, and linens. They have developed a tolerance to most chemicals, and the only way a homeowner can destroy them is with heat. Hot water in the washing machine, and a very hot dryer. If they have invaded your furniture; A+ Pest Control technicians know how to spot and treat these repugnant creatures.

Many companies might help you with pests, but A+ Pest Control is a family-owned and operated business. They are local and are knowledgeable about pests that lurk in our neighborhoods. Calling A+ Pest Control will have pests running for the door.



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