Useful Fall Prevention Tips

Most all household pests come from the outside to the inside. As the mercury drops in fall, these pests seek shelter from the cold. Many of these critters hibernate during the winter.

Effective pest control is almost always a matter of prevention. A certified pest control technician uses the latest tools and techniques to make your home or business nearly impervious to pests. There are some things you can do as well. These home remedies cannot substitute for professional services. However, they are very effective supplements.

Clean and Dehumidify

Spiders are so small that they can enter your house through the tiniest crack or crevice. So, one of the best ways to combat these pests is to make your house as inhospitable as possible.

Start by clearing all cobwebs, especially in the basement. Once spiders lose their homes, they almost always look somewhere else. But first, they usually try to re-spin their webs in a nearby place. So, you must be very diligent and not just clean once a week. Additionally, be sure and keep windowsills as dirt-free as possible.

Second, run a dehumidifier in the basement. If the room’s humidity stays between 30 and 40 percent, the spider population diminishes rapidly.

Cut Off Moisture

All creatures need water, and tiny bugs just need a little bit. Insects thrive on the trace moisture which seeps through the foundation. So, keep your foundation as dry as possible. Clear mulch and moisture-wicking soil away from the area, especially around low wood and window frames. Turning the mulch periodically will also reduce moisture levels.

Moreover, keep bushes trimmed back and away from the foundation. That keeps the area drier and also denies mice and other rodents a highway into your home. More on that below.

Seal Gaps

There are several ways to seal gaps in the foundation and thus keep pests away from your home and family.

Before getting started, carefully inspect the outside of your house. Many people use mirrors to examine the underside of siding panels. Then, mark any crevices with a marker.

Copper mesh is usually a good gap-sealer. Stuff a generous portion into the crevice and then use enough foam to secure the mesh into place. After the foam hardens overnight, use a utility knife to scrape off the excess. On more visible areas of the house, like around windows and between siding panels, caulk works very well. Have a damp washcloth handy to wipe away errant traces before they harden.

Eliminate Clutter

The best prevention methods usually leave some gaps. A mouse can slip through an opening no bigger than a dime. Roaches, spiders, ants, and other pests can get through openings which are much, much smaller.

So, eliminate the clutter under sinks. Place all items in a plastic bin and clean the area frequently. Do the same thing for pet food. Seal it in a metal or plastic container. Mice cannot climb the slick sides.

These techniques usually work, but they obviously come with no guarantee. For that level of service, contact A Plus Pest Control in Madison AL. We rid your house of pests and keep them away.


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