Fall Pests In Alabama

In the summer, outdoor pests often find shelter in the shade. Many of these animals are cold-blooded anyway, so outside is a good place to be. But once the temperature dips and the winds pick up in fall, these pests look for alternative shelter. Many times, that shelter is your home or business

Since pests are on the move, fall is one of the busiest times of year for Madison AL pest control professionals. Many of the calls we get this time of year involve one of the following types of pests.

Stink Bugs

These insects are just plain nasty. Here in Alabama, they are particularly active in the fall. These insects congregate on the sunny side of your house for warmth. If they find their way inside, often through a crack or crevice, they immediately try to get out. If they are unable to leave straightaway, they usually die on the spot. If there is anything worse than a live stink bug, it’s a dead stink bug.

These insects are not terribly smart. As the weather gets even a little bit cooler, stink bugs try to come indoors. Large infestations are very difficult to control. And, they are so small that you probably will not even notice them until they start flying around.


In the fall, bugs usually follow each other. Outdoor spiders feed on boxelder bugs and ladybugs. These pests aren’t very troublesome themselves, although if you squash a boxelder bug, it smells terrible and leaves a bad stain. However, when they move indoors in autumn, spiders follow them.

Many people are highly allergic to spider bites. Moreover, they just make your house look dirty. If you get rid of the food source, you get rid of the spiders. Of course, a better approach is to keep all these pests outside, so you don’t have to deal with them. Larger rodents are also more active in the fall, in addition to the insects discussed above. At A Plus Pest Control, we help your home or business stay pest-free twelve months a year. Call us today so we can get to work for you



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