Top Five Pest In Madison Alabama

In 1980, Madison was a tiny little one-light town. Then, many government operations moved to Huntsville. Today, Madison has almost 50,000 residents. Towns that grow this fast this quickly often have issues with unwanted pests. The development stirs them out of their nests and onto residential and business property.

Over that same time period, our knowledge of pest behavior has increased exponentially as well. In 1980, even top-notch Madison pest control professionals could do little more than saturate the area with the strongest available chemicals, lay out a few traps, and hope for the best. Today, techniques are much more well-refined, especially with regard to the most troublesome pests in Madison.


These insects usually nest in very large numbers in deep underground locations. When they come out, they are relentless in their search for food. Even trace amounts of sugar, such as a drop of toothpaste in the sink, may attract them. Furthermore, ants have no sense of danger or risk/reward. They will invade your kitchen, your picnic area, and anyplace else there is sugar without any regard for the consequences.


If you don’t want to smell like apple cider, add a few drops of peppermint oil to a cup of water, shake well, and spray away. Chemically, peppermint oil is somewhat similar to some pesticides. The similarity may be enough to ward them off, especially if you do not have a serious infestation.

Bed Bugs

Sometimes, bed bug infestations have nothing to do with your home’s cleanliness. Instead, these insects burrow into your luggage and then head straight for your bedroom. Once they are in your linen, they multiply rapidly. Many people have severe allergic reactions to bed bug bites. Moreover, these infestations are extremely unsettling, to say the least.


Of all the outdoor pests, mice are most likely to nest in open fields that are ripe for development. Once that shelter is disturbed, they look for the nearest alternative shelter. These rodents can pass through a crack that’s smaller than a dime, so it’s very difficult to keep them out of your house. Once there, these disgusting creatures spread urine trails and other bacteria all over your floors. They’re also very destructive, as they will eventually chew through almost anything.


The most destructive insects on this list generally nest under common areas, like streets or parks. At peak levels, these colonies may contain over two million termites. Then, they filter out in search of food. In this case, that food is any form of cellulose. Once the scouts locate even a trace, the insects arrive in force, and they are quite relentless. There are several different species of termites. While they all look alike to most people, some only respond to certain types of pest control methods.


<!-These insects are extremely harmful to pets and people. They are also extremely strong. They can jump very long distances and are essentially crush-proof. Females lay up to 5,000 eggs, so infestations quickly get out of control. These eggs come fast and furious. Most females lay twenty eggs after every feeding. Houses with thick carpets are especially vulnerable to flea infestations.

The diverse types of pests in Madison require the best pest control technicians, like the ones you’ll find at A Plus Pest Control. We keep things simple. We show up on time, explain what needs to be done, do it, and leave.


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