Five Fun Places to Visit in Huntsville During the Summer

Year-round A+ Pest Control is working diligently to rid your home and office of pests. Plain and simple, we don’t quit because pests won’t quit. As we work tirelessly to get rid of pests, A+ Pest Control wants its customers to have a little fun in the summertime.

Here are five of Huntsville’s amazing places to be enjoyed in the summertime.

  • U.S. Space and Rocket Center: A great place for families to go, have fun and learn. It’s easy to spend all day here, with exhibits, movies, family astronaut training, shuttle experience, and flight simulators; there is never a dull moment. There is the ever-popular Space Camp for those families who have children who want to be an astronaut. Kids spend an entire week at the facility and experience age-appropriate astronaut training.
  • Southern Adventures: Is your family ready to get away from the heat? Southern Adventures is the place to do it. It is an easily manageable amusement park with an arcade, bumper cars, and a roller coaster. Adventure Island Water Park is on the same premises and has water slides, kiddie pools, and water recreation of all types. Families can easily spend an entire day relaxing in the sun. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
  • Harmony Park Safari: Get up close and personal with wild animals from all over the world. Harmony is a two-mile trek through a place where the animals roam free, and you stay in your car. Open your car window and see who pokes their head through. Will it be a zebra, an antelope, or maybe even an ostrich? The park is open to the public from March thru November. Come to Harmony and see who walks up and says hello.
  • Hays Nature Preserve: If your family is feeling cooped up, take a trip to Hays Nature Preserve. Ten miles of hiking trails wind through swamps, hardwood forests, dry fields, and wetlands. This preserve is one of Alabama’s important areas. Migrating and resident birds are in abundance. Local wildlife is plentiful; raccoons, deer, rabbits, and a host of insects call Hays Nature Preserve home. After your hike, make sure there are no stowaways on your shoes or clothing. If you happen to bring some in, give A+ Pest Control a call. We take care of all free loaders quickly and safely.
  • Huntsville Botanical Garden: Do you have a green thumb? Just like plants? Visit the Botanical Garden of Huntsville, and be amazed at collecting beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees. Each year the gardens welcome over a quarter of a million visitors. Visit the biblical garden, planted there are flowers and herbs mentioned in the bible. The daylily garden has nearly 700 different species ready to welcome visitors with their beautiful array of colors. A variety of gardens welcome visitors; bulb garden, perineal garden, aquatic garden, and a garden of annuals are there for visual enjoyment. The gardens change with the seasons, plan on visiting several times a year.

Huntsville is home to so many beautiful places and friendly people. A+ Pest Control knows how important the area is to its residents. Pests were here before human beings and, unfortunately, will be here after we are gone. Enjoy life here in Huntsville. With the help of A+ Pest Control , enjoy a pest-free home.


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