Why Do Pests Come Into My Business?

A+ Pest Control is frequently called to a business location to assess a pest problem. When we get there, the business owner scratches his/her head wondering; why these creepy-crawly vermin have set up housekeeping in their building. These managers are not involved in the food, floral, or animal industry, so why are these pests showing up.

Understanding why pests show up at a location rarely has to do with the industry. It is the environment within the building that attracts insects and rodents.

Here are some reasons that cause infestations:

  • Are there areas of standing water? This means a leaking roof, sink, toilet, or work station. Do you have an appliance or piece of machinery that leaks? Pests need water. Standing water will soften wood and drywall. It will cause mold on and in furniture as well as fabric covered office chairs. When anything gets wet, short of metal, it is going to soften and get moldy. That is one invitation. A+ Pest Control will be quick to find these problems.
  • How often do your employees empty their trash cans? Even though a business doesn’t work with food, it is on the premises. Some employees bring their lunch. The break room isn’t always as clean as you would like it to be. Where are the vending machines? Is that wastebasket emptied regularly? If you have a birthday or retirement party in the staff room, are all the crumbs off the floor when you leave? These are all things to consider. Bugs and rodents love our leftovers. This is another invitation.
  • How close are the dumpsters to your building? Even if your trash company comes once a week, pests will be there. If the dumpster is nearby your building and the weather humid, those conditions are conducive to pest crawling from your dumpster into your building.
  • Are there trees and shrubs touching your building? Although it is a significant expense to keep them trimmed, the trees’ branches should not be rubbing up against the building. Are there birds in the trees? Are they nesting? What are they feeding their hatchlings? Probably the same insects that are in your building. Guess how they got there?
  • What kind of shape is your building in? Are your windows opened frequently? Does your company’s building have cracks in the floors, windows, or the foundation? If the weather is nice, pests would rather stay outside. What happens when Fall approaches and Winter sets in? Pests like to stay warm too.

These are just some of the scenarios A+ Pest Control looks for in their initial visit. Before we come, please talk with your employees and ask for their input. Your staff members may have seen more than you are aware of.

After our first visit, A+ Pest Control will develop a plan of action and share what they have found. Solutions will be put in writing, and we will get to work. If you would like, our techs can arrive and work after business hours.

Do it yourself ideas aren’t always the best or most effective. Don’t let a customer into your place of business and see insect sprays and traps sitting in the office. A+ Pest Control is discreet and effective. Talk to one of our professionals and find how we can help your business.


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