Tips to Keep Your Shed Pest Free

Imagine opening your shed door to a horde of rodents scampering about, running wildly from one corner to the other, and some even scurrying past your legs into the open lawn. A horrendous sight for anyone, isn’t it? And not just rodents, cockroaches, carpenter ants, termites, and many more pests might have made your little tool shed a home for themselves in the winter. Come springtime, and these pests become lively as before, actively engaging in their notorious antics and increasing your headache to get your shed pest-free. For every shed owner across the world, the seasonal cycle begins with chasing away these uninvited guests for good.

How to Pest-Proof Your Shed?

Pests might only seem a minor nuisance for some common folk, but for someone having a garden shed, they can simply wreak havoc once they get inside. Don’t worry; we’re here for you. The professional pest experts at Pest Control Madison have come together to create this handy list that would help keep your bug friends where they actually belong – outside the shed.

  • Seal Off All the Gaps – One of the most obvious ways to eliminate pests from your shed is to ensure that there are no cracks or gaps in between the woodwork through which these creatures might enter. It is one of the primary steps you have to take while handling any pests. You can opt for silicone caulk to seal off any joints and cover up the area surrounding the windows and doors to leave no crevices unnoticed. Try insulating your shed for better protection against the rotting of the wooden walls and termites.
  • Fasten All Windows and Doors – You must not give the pests any chance of entry, for they will barge in and conquer the place in no time. Probably, the hardest part is to secure your shed from any outside intrusion completely. Some pests are so tiny that they easily slip under our naked eyes and take shelter behind one of the toolboxes or on the ceiling. Therefore, make sure to fasten all the windows and doors once you leave.
  • Remove Excess Plant Outgrowths – Bugs love to make plants and trees their home because they provide them with everything – food, water, shelter, and protection from natural predators. If you have too many plants around your shed, there is an absolute possibility of bugs taking a tour around your shed for a leisure walk every once in a while. Properly ensure that your shed is plant and weed-free because you don’t know when the bug population will shoot above the roof, and they will require new homes. If you are fond of growing vegetables, plant them at a distance. It helps to keep the bugs out and prevents reverse migration.
  • Vacuum Cleaning – Even though you’re not living inside your shed, it also requires proper cleaning once in a while. Sweeping and hovering are perfect ways to bug-proof your shed. Spiders love to settle in dusty places, and your unclean shed might just be perfect for them. Use a powerful hand-held vacuum cleaner to sweep across all the nooks and corners, including the door and window frames, beneath the racks, and other places that are harder to reach using a traditional vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove Old Light Bulbs – Well, obviously, you need to have a light source in your shed, but it’s high time you say goodbye to the old incandescent light bulb hanging from your ceiling. Besides consuming more power, these light bulbs also generate lots of heat that attract a swarm of moths, flies, and other insects inside your shed. Instead, install a white LED bulb that would illuminate all corners of your shed and keep it cool and attract fewer insects. Also, turn the lights off when not in use.

These easy techniques will help you keep your shed pest-free and in perfect shape. Don’t forget to call us if there is a large infestation of pests in your house. Our agency has years of experience when it comes to the quick and complete removal of pests from a household. Call A Plus Pest Control anytime to get an estimate.


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