Things to Do in Huntsville over the Weekend

Those who know Huntsville know that it is a must-visit destination for space enthusiasts. Huntsville is also known as the Rocket City because of its well-known Space Camp, where you can enjoy watching the videos of rockets launched by NASA standing inside the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Isn’t that rather extraordinary? Well, at Huntsville, it’s a normal thing!

Huntsville is a quaint little town in north Alabama. However, regardless of its small size, it is home to the smartest aerospace engineers in the world. And that too for the past six decades! This is because of the presence of NASA. Huntsville attracts travelers from all spheres because of its blend of classic Southern charm with lots of scope for high-tech thrills. You might even get to chat with a rocket scientist at a pinball bar or take a historic walk across the town along with some of NASA’s renowned engineers. And guess what? Your tour guide might be a retired NASA scientist who might share his exclusive experiences of working on the Saturn V project.

Best Things to Do in Huntsville

If you are planning to take a short trip to Huntsville to spend around 3-4 days, believe me, you’re doing the right thing. The town is full of adventures that are sure to excite and keep you occupied for the entire day.

  • Space Camp – When talking about Huntsville, one thing that is sure to come to everyone’s mind is the Space Camp, the city’s biggest attraction. It is a week-long camp that has been designed to give you all types of space-related experiences based on your age. It is open for everyone starting from the age of 9 and offers programs according to various age groups.
  • S. Space & Rocket Center – It is the official visitor center for NASA Marshall and is attached to the Space Camp. The center is an exhibition gallery that showcases the history of NASA, its present work, and also their future programs. You can also walk right under a Saturn V rocket inside the Saturn V Hall!
  • NASA Marshall – Have you visited the launching station of NASA from where all their rockets are launched into space? Don’t miss out on this amazing experience! A tour of the NASA Marshall is conducted daily from the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, where you can see the historic engine test stands and the International Space Station command center with your own eyes.
  • Downtown Huntsville – Every city has its own downtown, and Huntsville is no different. Go, check it out! Visit the Huntsville Art Museum and take the Purple Cup Secret Art Walk if you are an art connoisseur. You can take a walk in the Big Spring International Park to enjoy the beautiful sunset or try topping your high score at the Pints & Pixels pinball bar. There are lots of good restaurants where you can savor some classic Southern food to end your day’s tour.
  • Huntsville Botanical Gardens – After enjoying all the outer space adventures, why not take some moment off and appreciate natural beauty? The Botanical Gardens at Huntsville is a large 112 acres tourist attraction that houses a large variety of manicured and designed gardens for you to explore. You will surely love the butterfly pavilion and the exhibit on Mythical Beasts!
  • Land Trust of Northern Alabama – This beautiful wonderland is another great place to add to your bucket list. The greenery comprises a 25-mile long trail which would give you a real essence of southern Appalachia and present you with some lovely waterfalls and caves to explore and admire.
  • M. Booth’s Lumberyard – After roaming the entire day, you would surely like to have a good dinner to end your day. Spend your time at the A.M. Booth’s Lumberyard! It is a huge multi-purpose area that houses a train car restaurant, two bars, a banquet hall, a recording studio, and lots of open spaces. Having your dinner aboard the Blue Bayou, you will feel teleported back to the trains running in the 1920s. The place’s ambiance dates back to the late 19th century, which feels really good.
  • Cathedral Caverns State Park – If you still have time for some more sightseeing, why not take a half-day trip outside Huntsville to the Cathedral Caverns State Park? The massive natural cave formation is a 35-minute drive from Huntsville and offers you an insight into the human history inside the cave dating back to several ages.

You are all set for your short holiday trip to Huntsville with this. And in case you face any pest-related problems, contact us via email or call. We will reach out immediately.


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