Seven Random Fact About Mosquitoes In Alab

In the old days, pest control companies frequently sprayed first and asked questions later. Many times, they did not ask questions at all. Instead, they used powerful Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT)-based chemicals which poisoned every living organism it touched. That included not only pests, but also pets and people.

Fortunately, the EPA has banned such chemicals. So, exterminators must work smarter instead of harder. That’s especially true with regard to mosquitoes. These flying insects are quite complex. The better we understand them, and the threat they pose to you and your family, the more effective our treatments are.

Mosquitoes are the Deadliest Creatures on Earth

Worldwide, mosquito bites kill almost a half-million people a year. Fatal mosquito bites are quite uncommon in Alabama, but if the mosquito in your backyard is one of the rare exceptions, that statistic is not very comforting.

Mosquito Longevity

Individually, mosquitoes only live a few weeks. But overall, mosquitoes have been around for over 200 million years. The Jurassic Park engineers who used mosquitoes to reconstruct dinosaurs were clearly science fiction. But there is a grain of truth in that saga.

Mosquito Population is Increasing

Probably due to climate change, there might be more mosquitoes now than at any other time in history. So, places that never saw a single one of these bugs before are now prone to serious infestations.

All Mosquitoes Don’t Bite

Only female mosquitoes need human or animal blood. Contrary to popular myth, they do not need blood for nourishment. Instead, blood helps mosquito eggs develop. Both males and females usually feed on plant nectar.

Mosquitoes Have Multi-Layer Targeting Systems

Females use carbon dioxide plumes to locate people and pets. Mosquito antenna detect these plumes, which leave a trail of gas for these bugs to follow. Then, once they spot their targets, females use heat sensors located around their mouths to zero in on the blood’s warmth and find the most attractive capillary.

Mosquitoes are Ravenous

On a related note, mosquitoes can consume up to three times their own body weight in blood. Females need so much blood because they can lay up to two hundred eggs at a time.

Mosquitoes are Weak Insects

Compared to other flying pests, mosquitoes cannot move very well or very far. Their top speed is about 1mph and they cannot fly in straight lines.

Getting rid of mosquitoes is not easy, so trust the professionals.


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