How Do Dogs Get Fleas?

Usually, the best way to eliminate a problem is to strike at the root. But pets get fleas from so many different places that this approach usually does not work very well. To keep your dog from getting fleas, you’d have to quarantine it in a doghouse. That’s a very poor solution for your pet and your family.

So, the best approach is a partnership with a professional pest control company and get your pet treated with Frontline or something like it.. Since dogs get fleas from so many places, at A Plus Pest Control, we take a comprehensive approach to flea control. We’ll keep these annoying and disease-carrying pests off your dog and away from your children, so you can enjoy life together.

Other Animals

Fleas jump up to 160 times their body length, so they are one of the greatest jumpers in nature. So, fleas leap from pet to pet in places like:

  • Dog parks,
  • Kennels,
  • Neighboring yards, and
  • Veterinary offices.

It only takes one egg-bearing female to start an entirely new colony literally right in your backyard. Therefore, before you visit a new dog park, veterinary office, or other area, ask other pet owners if they had flea issues after a visit.

Moreover, fleas also reside on non-pets, especially birds, rodents, and squirrels. So, your dog’s new playmate might give the gift that keeps on giving.

Your Home

Part of our comprehensive approach to flea control includes rodent control in your house. Tiny mice are some of the worst flea-carriers in Alabama.

Moreover, lots of people have second-hand pet bedding, doggie toys, and other accessories. The giver usually cleans these items very carefully, but even the most thorough cleaning often does not kill all the fleas and eggs.

Outdoor Areas

These areas are always potential infestation sources. True, fleas live a long time when it is hot and humid outside. That’s also when they are most active. However, Alabama winters rarely get cold enough to kill fleas. So, no matter what the calendar says, you probably have active fleas in your yard.

Most outdoor fleas are transient fleas. That’s why we lay a protective barrier around your property. We use chemicals that are completely safe for pets and people but incredibly lethal to fleas and other pests. By doing this and getting your pet treated greatly reduces the chances of fleas coming inside.

If you have pets, you probably have fleas. We know how to get rid of them.


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