Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs with These Tricks

Have you grown tired of losing your night’s sleepover to these annoying pests? No one likes to wake up in the morning with the aftermath of bed bug bites. These critters silently creep out in the middle of the night and viciously attack people when they are fast asleep with a barrage of non-stop bites. Their bites contain a temporary but powerful painkiller that neutralizes the pain caused by their painful stings, which you won’t feel until the morning. Whether it’s you or your kids, these painful biters do not leave out anyone unscathed. But don’t worry, we have got you covered in Huntsville. Our effective home remedies will get you rid of bed bugs in a real quick time. You might opt for natural solutions to these pest problems because they are low-cost, simple, easy to use, and don’t contain harmful toxic chemicals that might harm your little ones.

What Are Bed Bugs, and Where Do They Come From?

Bed bugs are tiny little insects that are hematophagous in nature, i.e., they feed on the blood of humans and animals. These insects are active during the night and are deft at hiding behind narrow cracks and crevices or under your mattresses, from where they get their name. These insects are difficult to spot in the naked eye due to their tiny size (almost the size of a rice grain). However, they are easy to spot once they start their infamous activities. Their bites are often itchy and uncomfortable and often give rise to rashes.

You must be wondering where do these pesky creatures come from. They come from outside, mostly attached to any clothes or furniture that you have recently bought. Their flat bodies help them sneak through any narrow slits and help them lie undetected within the slightest of cracks.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Don’t let these annoying creatures settle down in your home lest they might cause an infestation. Insects lay eggs in warmer climates, and their eggs hatch pretty soon. Therefore, you won’t even know when these bugs will grow from one to many. Follow these easy home remedies to put them to rest for good immediately.

  • Vacuum – Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean your house every alternate day to avoid settling dust. Thoroughly clean all the corners and dust the mattresses and bedding. Hanging them out in the sun might be an even better option. Don’t forget to vacuum your sofas, cushions, and other soft furniture.
  • Wash – Wash your bed covers, curtains, and other linens in soap and hot water to ensure that the bed bugs are gone. The combination of hot water and the sun’s heat will help deal with their entire colony.
  • Call A Professional – Vacuuming and washing will help, but if you have more then a few or they have started to lay eggs you will need to call a professional to get rid of them for good!


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