Fun Places to Visit Around Huntsville AL

Huntsville, Alabama, is a city filled with numerous activities for people of all age groups. The city is also deeply rooted in its history and has several museums and libraries. The places around Huntsville are equally well planned and have numerous fun places to visit and activities to do. So, if you have the time, you must also try and check out all the fun places that are not located in Huntsville, Al but around the city.

This article will take you through a list of all the fun places around the city of Huntsville that you need to visit at least once, whether you are a resident of Huntsville or a visitor.

Cinemagic Theatre

The best way to enjoy movies with your entire family or friend’s group is by watching them in drive-in movie theatres! Cinemagic Theater at Athens, Al is a movie theatre with five movie screens and has a drive-in theatre as well. The staffs are super nice and friendly, and the place is clean and well maintained with hygienic washrooms.

The best part of the drive-in is that kids are free to run about and play in the open space, and the visitors are allowed to carry their drinks, snacks, and even a chair! There are several movie options to chose from that are meant for families, especially kids-friendly. In comparison to all the options that they are providing, the ticket prices are almost low.

Another great feature about the theatre is that you can even watch games here! Thus, this place is amazing for kids, parents, and teenagers, as well as grandparents. The parking space is also spacious. Carry a comfy and warm blanket if you plan on visiting the drive-in at night. There are no heating options available outside, and it is likely to get chilly at night, so a warm blanket is a must.

Trains on Main

Trains on main is a scavenger hunt game, where the objective is to find the eight bronze trains. These trains are well hidden or can be found in historic downtown Madison. Kids and young adults will have great fun in the activity, and the first clue can be collected from City Hall or Madison Chamber of Commerce.

Palmer Park

Visit Palmer Park to have a great time with the kids or your friends. You can take a walk on the paved paths while allowing the kids to enjoy the place by themselves as they run around and explore the numerous baseball and soccer grounds in the park. Or even if you are planning to play games with your friend’s group, visit the spot as it is well maintained and has ample parking lots and great places around to eat at a reasonable price.

The parks occasionally hold events as well, which anyone can attend. During these events, the park can get a tad bit crowded; otherwise, it mostly stays idle due to the enormous space. The park offers uncountable baseball fields suited to different age groups, two grounds dedicated for the soccer game, another ground in the park is dedicated solely to the kids and has multiples rides and swings, restrooms, and fountains to drink water from. All in all, if you are looking to spend a gala time, you must drive to Palmer Park in Madison, Alabama.

Aldridge Creek Greenway

Famous among birdwatchers, Alridge Creek Greenway is a trail that is also famous among residents and visitors for its trails make up for a great path for biking, running, and even rollerblading. Strolling through the trail, tourists are likely to encounter some form of wildlife like turtles, rabbits, etc.

If you want to soak in some of nature’s beauty, then you will love the Aldridge Creek greenway as everywhere you look, the sceneries are breathtaking. And to top all that, there is a river and a railroad passing by the creek, adding to the beauty of the place even further.

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