Interesting Facts About Ants

Ants can be a big problem as these pests tend to create a lot of damage to plants and property. They also affect the health of the people who come in contact with them. Ants are indeed very interesting insects that have peculiar habits and ways of going about their lives that can be fascinating, but at the same time, ants can be dangerous and harmful. There are many kinds of ants like for example, the outdoor mold building ants, fire ants, or for that matter, carpenter ants. Ants usually can come inside your home looking for tasty treats or any food particles to take them back to their colony of ants as they always tend to stay together in huge colonies. Having an ant infestation in your house might get really embarrassing in front of other people because that might mean a lack of sanitation or overlooked maintenance of general hygiene at your place.

But along with that, it can also be dangerous as they do an outstanding job at contaminating food in your house and cutting through clothes as well, making innumerable small holes in them. Ants are of various sizes and colors, so it becomes challenging to deal with them since you have to know what kind of ants you are dealing with and their features. Ants have their own communicative techniques, so be aware of treating the infestation correctly so as no traces are left by the existing ants, which might act as a signal for the other ants to come. If you give the task to a professional like A Plus Pest Control, you wouldn’t have to think about all of this.

Let us now look at some of the most interesting facts about ants in general.

1. Ants can lift hefty weights, almost up to 20 times more than what they weigh. It’s almost like a second-grade student being able to lift a car!

2. It is genuinely astonishing to know that there are almost 12000 or more species of ants in the world.

3. The community of the ants is that of a hierarchical one, and quite naturally, the queen ant holds a very powerful position in the community. These queen ants can live up to many years even within harsh conditions and go on to produce millions of babies in their lifetimes.

4. It is interesting to know that ants don’t have ears. They have an acute sense of “hearing” that they do by supplementing the hearing process with the feeling process they perform by sensing vibrations with their feet. This, in turn, can feel and take up any kind of vibrations from the ground.

5. Ants are very deadly insects, and one of the most potent examples of that is that ants have dangerous fights among themselves, and when they do, it is usually till death. They don’t give up until one of the contenders dies.

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Ants have a unique way of communicating and as well as sensing direction and measuring ways. Wherever they go, they tend to leave behind them a trail of pheromones so that the following ants can sense either presence easily, and at the same time, they can understand which way they have traveled on earlier and measure directions easily.

7. It is interesting to know that queen ants, about whom we have talked earlier, tend to have wings. But whenever she and her entire community of ants start a new nest somewhere else, she tends to shed off her wings.

8. Ants don’t possess lungs. So naturally, it causes a question as to how do they breathe. Well, ants have very minute holes all over their bodies which serves them for this purpose. Oxygen enters the ant bodies through these holes, and carbon dioxide tends to leave their bodies through these same holes.

9. Another thing that is equally interesting and bizarre to know is that a community of ants can only survive till their queen survives. In any ant community, the queen ant is the only one who can reproduce. So the moment she dies, the rest of the community lasts for a very short time, and remember, queen ants are rarely replaceable.

Now that we have some idea about them, if anyone requires professional help for controlling such a situation, they can freely contact us at A Plus Pest Control.


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