Fun Things to do in the Fall in Huntsville AL

As the summer winds start to create a way for some cool breezes, know that fall is dawning in the beautiful city of Huntsville, Alabama. Fall makes the city look prettier and opens up new doors for exciting and fun activities throughout the city. If your bucket list involves making memorable fall memories, then write Huntsville’s name next to that. As unless and until you have visited Huntsville, the star of Al, at least once during fall, you are missing out on major fall adventures and fun activities.

There are a plethora of fun and exciting things to do during the fall in Huntsville. This article is a comprehensive list of the five fun ventures you can take up in the city if you visit during the fall season.

Participate in Boos Cruises and Huntsville Ghost Walks

As the seasons are incomplete without the different shades of fall, similarly, fall is incomplete without some spooky adventures, walks, or stories. The Huntersville ghost walks will take care of your desire for ghostly adventures and give a long-lasting Halloween memory that is sure to linger in your mind for years to come.

The event begins with the participants signing up for the event by buying the tickets. After that, you are allowed or asked to chose from the available options, one guided tour option that you want to embark on. On these tours, the guides give the participants a little peek into the city’s history and narration of various spooky stories. The stories are sure to send a chill down your spine as the guide slowly unfolds why the ghosts or spirits are still roaming here in the city.

If you are not someone who wants to listen to fantastic stories while walking, you can opt for boos cruises. Taking boos cruises is possible only when your age is above 21. In this, the guide narrates a spooky story, which you can listen to sitting cozily on a rocket city rover with a purple cup holding your drink. Both the options are equally impressive and promises to give you a remarkable spooky fall memory.

Enjoy Fall Color Special Train Ride

The North Alabama Railroad Museum hosts this seasonal event where the railway carriages take the boarders on a magical journey through the beautiful fall colors on the Mercury and Chase railroad. The scenery that you get to witness is magical and is surreal.

Attend Festifall at Huntsville Botanical Garden

Another trademark style of celebrating a memorable fall week in Huntsville is by attending the Festifall hosted in the city’s botanical garden. Here you can see a variety of scarecrows made and submitted by different groups and people. You will find some great pieces of art that are fancy and worth a spot on your Instagram feed to your delight. Do not forget to click pictures and selfies of scarecrows in this one-of-a-kind Festifall happening here every year.

Enjoy the Chalktoberfest

Chaltoberfest, as the name suggests, is a fest held in Huntsville in October to celebrate the chalk artists in the area. Apart from chalk artists, several restaurants and retails also join in it. The artists draw their art on sidewalks, while visitors can enjoy the many painting while listening to good music that is held live there. Visitors can enjoy themselves in restaurants, enjoy art by balloon artists, vote for their favorite chart and the pumpkin patch.

It is like a street party filled with art, food, a fantastic atmosphere, and live music. The artists maintain healthy competition among themselves, and anyone can participate in it by registering themselves as artists with the website.

Pick Your Own Apple at Scott’s Orchard

Scott Orchard allows the visitors to pick their apple in the orchard and hosts a few other activities for them to enjoy themselves in the orchard while enjoying fresh apple slushy. To enjoy this venture to the fullest, come with your family. For kids, there are special preparations like games and inflatables.

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