How Do My Pets Get Fleas?

Pets are very social creatures. They love being around other animals. They have no way of knowing that this socialization can be dangerous. Furthermore, pets are always on the move. They like to explore new places and also like retreating to a favorite spot.

These two personality traits basically explain why pets get fleas. The more you understand your pet’s movements and disposition, the better you can control bloodsucking fleas. Of course, top-quality pest control helps immensely. These insects are too tough and too tiny to tackle by yourself.

Other Animals

Your dog or cat does not have to rub against another animal to get its fleas, although that contact makes it easier for insects to move from one host to another. Additionally, most fleas can jump between twelve and twenty inches. That’s a very long way for a very small bug. So, if your pet is in the same room with another animal, a flea infestation is probably only two or three jumps away at most.

Pretty much all indoor and outdoor animals are potential flea hosts. Additionally, if your pet wanders over a host’s nesting area, your pet may pick up a few fleas. The list of potential hosts includes:

  • Cats,
  • Dogs,
  • Mice,
  • Rabbits,
  • Opossums,
  • Racoons, and
  • Squirrels.

Chances are, there are lots of these animals in your neighborhood. Pretty much all these critters are common in Alabama, even on city streets.

Your Home

It’s amazing how easily fleas can get into your home. Many times, they hitch a ride on shoes or clothes. Household pests, like mice, also carry vast amounts of fleas.

Once they get in your home, fleas usually nest in carpet, on rugs, and pretty much anywhere else they can find some shelter and wait for a host. Many times, if someone gives you a rug or you buy one second-hand, it may be covered in flea eggs.

Dog Facilities

Dog runs and off-leash parks are very popular places. Furthermore, many people take their dogs with them on hiking and walking trails. Fleas can survive a long time outdoors without a host, especially if the weather is warm and humid.

Kennels, doggie daycares, and other indoor dog facilities have lots of fleas as well. When you take Rover somewhere new, always ask about the most recent flea outbreak and how the facility responded to the crisis.

Count on A Plus Pest Control to keep fleas off your property and off your animals.


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