Five Spring Pest Control Tips

Spring is the time that pests become active and begin laying eggs. So, effective pest control during the spring helps keep bugs in check for the rest of the year. On the other side of the coin, neglecting spring pest control puts you behind the eight-ball.

Effective spring pest control is even more effective if you follow these tips. Your technicians will also probably use fewer chemicals and finish more quickly if your house and property are ready for treatment.

Remove Standing Water

Draining bird baths, adding soil where needed to level your lawn, and cleaning the gutters to ensure proper water flow are three easy ways to remove standing water. These pools are more than just a breeding ground for mosquitoes and various harmful microorganisms. Mice, ants, termites and many other pests can easily burrow through moist wood.

Clear Debris

Most yard pests, like fleas, ticks, and ants, are very small. Almost any yard debris, such as a small pile of leaves or a few thin sticks, can provide shelter. Stinging and biting insects also like to hide under debris. Also look for dirt, debris, and buildup around the house, such as behind shutters and under decks.

Remove Food Sources

Tiny insects also don’t need very much to eat. A few grains of bird seed or pet food could attract thousands of pests. Additionally, to keep rodents and other larger pests at bay, reinforce the fence around your garden, especially if you see evidence of pests. Rodents are generally rather lazy, so if there is any barrier between them and food, they will probably go somewhere else.

Create a Perimeter

Pretty much all hardware and home improvement stores sell pesticides. Due to environmental regulations, these chemicals are not nearly as effective as the ones that qualified pest control technicians use. Call us today and we can get a great perimeter barrier down for you.

Seal Your Home

Some people forgo the do-it-yourself approach and look for all-natural mosquito killers at home improvement or other retail stores. If that’s your thing, look for one that contains lemon eucalyptus oil. This oil contains diethyltoluamide, and DEET is usually the active ingredient in commercial inset repellants. Additionally, lemon eucalyptus oil may also help prevent tick bites.

A mouse can easily fit through an opening the size of a dime. Other pests, like ants or roaches, can squeeze through openings which are many times smaller. So, if you see any crack, cervices, or gap, seal it, especially if it is near the ground. Also look for gaps around windows. Small insects are so desperate to get inside that they often probe for weak spots until they find them.

To keep bugs away from your home and family, call A Plus Pest Control.


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