What Attracts Bed Bugs?

One thing people worry about after they get rid of bed bugs is the concept of the bedbugs returning to their homes. Unfortunately, there are several situations that you cannot avoid that can drop bedbugs back into your bed. However, you can also take some measures to avoid returning bedbugs. Bed bugs are attracted to certain smells, so if you create a bad environment for them, they won’t come back.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need about why bed bugs come to your home. We will discuss the smells they are attracted to and the environments they like the best.

Warm Environments

Bed bugs love lying in bed with you because you’re a warm-blooded animal, and the blankets keep you even more warm than normal. Bed bugs drive and warm environments where they suspect a mammal lives because they can suck their blood. That is why instead of finding bed bugs out in the wild when you’re walking around, you’ll find them in your bed.

Carbon Dioxide

Many people notice bedbug bites around their neck, chest, and shoulders, and the reason for this is that bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide. So, while breathing at night, you’re attracting bedbugs to your upper body. This is one of the ways bedbugs can detect that they have found a host they can feed on. Unfortunately, you can’t stop breathing at night, so there’s not much you can do about that.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bugs can come from all sorts of places and infiltrate your house through several different means. For example, bed bugs can attach themselves to clothes and purses so that you’ll drag them into your house when you get home from somewhere else. Most people notice bed bugs after they spend time staying in a hotel because bedbugs can easily transfer from room to room in both hotels and apartments.

So, if you’re staying at a hotel or an apartment, you should check the bed for bugs frequently to ensure that none of them attach themselves to your personal belongings. Never stay in a room with bed bugs; otherwise, you will bring them home with you even if you think you do a good job cleaning up after yourself. Bedbugs are tiny and hard to detect and can sneak into the most niche crevices of your fabric items.

Keep Up on Your Laundry!

One of the best ways to keep bed bugs out of your house is to keep up with your laundry. Bed bugs love to crawl around in dirty sheets and clothing; if you take that away from them, they won’t be as attracted to your home. Many people make the mistake of keeping laundry piles around their house, creating the perfect nesting spot for these parasites.

While bedbugs aren’t necessarily attracted to dirt in general, they will enjoy it if you have dirty fabric. Unlike spiders, bedbugs won’t come into a home because there’s dust around the area.

Call a Pest Control Company to Keep Bed Bugs Away

The best way to keep bed bugs away from your home is to contact a pest control company and have them handle the situation. Pest control companies like A Plus Pest Control can employ several preventative measures to ensure that bed bugs don’t enter your house. It’s much easier to prevent bedbugs than to deal with a full-on infestation, so you should immediately call a pest control company to take the proper measures. Also, if your house is already infested, a pest control company can help you eliminate the infestation and start over.


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