Seven Insect Facts You Probably Do Not Know

Like it or not, we share this world with insects. Many people consider these critters to be annoying at best and dangerous at worst. In many cases, that’s true. But there are also some interesting facts you may not know. If you just do not like insects give us a call today and we will get a pest control professional out to help take care of them.

Some Cultures Consider Crickets Good-Luck Charms

Crickets are fertile creatures that lay hundreds of eggs at a time. These critters also have amazing strength and leaping ability.

So, many Oriental and Native American groups almost revere crickets. The opposite is true in some parts of Brazil. Some people in northern Brazil consider cricket chirps to be bad omens, so they immediately kill them, especially if they sound off.

Ants Have Two Stomachs

One stomach digests food, and the other one stores food, mostly for the queen. The second stomach has very few digestive juices, so the regurgitated food has lost none of its nutritional value and is easy to consume.

In many cases, the second stomach gets as large as a grape. So, it is more than just extra storage. Most ants ferry more food back to the mound than they consume for themselves.

Bees Dance

A honeybee’s flying patterns are not just random zigzags. Scout bees dance, and they dance to communicate.

When scouts return to the nest, they tell the other workers how far away the food is. If they dance in small circles, the food source is nearby. If they fly in a figure-8 pattern, the food is far away. The scout’s flight speed also communicates food distance.

Dung Beetles Roll Poop Balls in Straight Lines

Of all the creatures on this list, the dung beetle is probably the most disgusting one. Their entire life cycle revolves around poop.

After they roll this waste into a ball, which is not easy to do for a tiny bug, they push it in a straight line back to the nest. They use the stars, even though they are not visible, as guides. Each poop ball may be up to ten times heavier than the beetle. That’s like a man pushing a cow in a straight line.

Some Fireflies Flash in Patterns

A number of flying insects can glow, but only fireflies can flash. Curiously, this light is the most efficient light source in the world. When luciferin contacts air, it emits all light and no heat.

Fireflies usually flash their lights to attract mates. When several of them get together and flash in unison, the impressive show often attracts many females.

Mosquitoes Bite More During a Full Moon

Phases of the moon often affect human behavior, and they affect mosquito behavior as well. IN fact, according to one study, mosquitoes bit 500 percent more frequently during full moon periods.

Regardless of the moon’s phase, some people are more likely mosquito targets. Pregnant women, people who move a lot, and people who seat a lot usually experience more mosquito bites.

Insects are the Most Numerous Creatures on Earth

90 percent of all the species in the world are insects. They thrive in every corner of the globe, and they have been around for about 400 million years. That’s longer than flowering plants.

Insects are not just hearty and diverse. They are incredibly numerous. Collectively, the world’s ants weigh as much as the world’s people. Since an adult weighs a million times more than an ant, that means there are an awful lot of ants out there.

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