How to Find a Wasp Nest

If there are wasps buzzing about your house, they must be coming from somewhere nearby. Although they are much larger than flies, bees, or beetles, these insects are still relatively small, and they cannot fly more than a few hundred feet at a time.

Wasps are normally not aggressive. But when they sting, their venom can cause a fairly serious wound. Additionally, many people are allergic to wasp stings, so they could have violent or even life-threating reactions.

A wasp control professional knows how to locate wasp nests and keep these pests away from your pets and children. There are also some things you can do on your own.

Locating the Nest

If you see wasps around your patio, garden, or other outdoor space, do not panic and do not overact. Instead, follow these steps to locate the nest:

  • Identify Them: Some honeybees and other beneficial insects look and act a lot like wasps. Also, not all wasps are created equally. Different subspecies nest in different places.
  • Watch Them: Typically, wasps seem to fly around at random, because they are looking for food. After they finish feeding, they fly in straight lines to their nests. That’s the time to keep an eye on them. If necessary, put out some cat nip or other food as bait. Wasps fall for that trick every time.

Paper wasps are the most common type of wasp in Alabama. These insects build familiar-looking hexagonal nests in high corners. German wasps nest on the ground, often in tree hollows and other shaded spots. Since these pests look a lot alike, be alert for both kinds of nests.

Destroying the Nest

Before you try to destroy the nest, take an allergy test to make sure you are not allergic to wasp stings. Better safe than sorry. For the same reason, wear protective clothing, like boots and long pants. Also, attack the nest at night, when wasps are less active.

A further word of caution. Never use a ladder or stepladder to reach the nest. If the wasps swarm, and they probably will, and they startle you, and they probably will, you could fall and get seriously hurt. Finally, plan an escape route. Make sure there are no toys or pieces of furniture in your path. Dish soap/water mixtures and smoke are usually good ways to destroy nests.

If all this sounds like too much, don’t hesitate to contact A+ Pest Control. We help people get rid of wasps all the time and have the right products to do the job right!



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