Fun Family Activities to Do in Madison AL

There are several fun spots to visit and activities to experience in the city of Madison in Alabama. If you are planning for a quick weekend gateway with your family to strengthen the bond by indulging in some great fun activities, then Madison is perhaps the right spot for you. Take a pen and paper and note down as we present a list of 5 places and activities that you can do with your family in Alabama’s city of Madison.

Dublin Memorial Park

The perfect spot for families is the Dublin Memorial Park, which offers impressive facilities such as tennis courts, soccer fields, indoor and outdoor pools with instructors available at all times, and pickleball courts. The park ensures that there is some activity suiting the taste of everybody. You can simply go to the picnic spot inside the park and enjoy a sumptuous meal with all the family members if you are getting hungry. Additional perks of this place are that there is a pond and a walking trail as well. Thus, you can take a quiet walk with your loved ones while enjoying the picturesque scenery after a healthy picnic meal.

Insanity Skate Park

Does skating your way through the weekend with your loved ones is the kind of fun activity you seek? Then the Insanity Skate park at Madison, Alabama, is where you should be heading right away. No matter the varied age group present in your family group, each one of them is going to enjoy the place as there are a plethora of activities. Starting from skating to rock climbing, roller derby, golfing, laser tag – the park has it all. And guess what? These are all limitless! So carry some snacks to munch on for when you get hungry, as once you enter the park, your kid’s heart will not want to depart anytime before the dark.

Alabama War Museum

If your family is excited about history and weapons, you need to plan a fun family trip to the Alabama war museum located at Madison immediately. Starting from your kids to your parents, everyone is sure to enjoy the trip as the museum, for its size, has way too many war weapons and exciting facts. You can also buy some of the items from the place and bring them back as a souvenir. With a friendly staff, a clean space, and a fantastic collection of war weapons, it is a great place to gather knowledge on ancient history.

Madison Public Library

What is better than a public library? A public library with a play area. Madison public library is exactly like that. The library occasionally holds seminars free of cost, has a hands-on lab and a separate reading space exclusively for the kids, and an outside play area or playground. The collection of books in the library is pretty good, and the updated building now has a DVD check-out point and good parking space—all in all, a perfect place to spend quality and fun time with the young ones.

Madison City Farmer’s Market

Nothing like visiting a farmer’s market on a lovely weekend with your family, right? If you are looking for ways to spend some fun and quality time with your family, you must visit Madison city farmer’s market. It is strictly for the local markets and remains open through summer, spring and fall every Saturday. There is almost nothing that you cannot find in the market. Starting from fresh fruits, vegetables, meat – you name it, you have it.

The time for which the market has been in existence has made it like a custom of the citizens to buy from here. Thus, it is a great spot to visit with your spouse, mother, father, and children and spend some fun time browsing through the plethora of materials available here. Perks of visiting this farmer’s market are that even your pawed family members are allowed in here.

Located in a bosky region inside the Trinity Baptist Church, the market will give you a splendid chance of bonding with each other while shopping for some fresh fruits and vegetables.

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