10 Fun Things to Do in the Summer in Huntsville AL

If you are in Huntsville, Alabama, this summer, then one thing is guaranteed – you will not get bored! Huntsville has a list of fun activities lined up for summer to choose from. Being the amazing city that Huntsville is, it is not difficult to find activities that are age-appropriate and fun! No matter what age group you are or whether you like staying indoors or outdoors during summer. This article will give you a list of 10 fun things to do in the summer in Huntsville.

Waterline Trail Park

If you want to take up a hiking challenge, Waterline Trail Park is where you should begin. The path is rocky, with thick logs of wood blocking the path. But thankfully, the trails are well marked, making it easy to follow them and hike through the 400 feet climb. The way back down from the top (next to the three caves) is through a narrow trail.

Kids can also hike the trail park during summer only as during monsoons, the path gets muddy and slippery and thus unfit for the kids. We recommend you the Waterline Trail for hiking in the summer months as the trails remain dry and there is ample parking space. The park also allows you to venture into a dry waterfall, whose top can also be reached.

Three Caves Loop

We understand that even families with little kids would want to go hiking. For families, the best place to go hiking is the Three Caves Loop. The trail is of short span, and the hurdles include mud and dust only. Thus, making it suitable for the kids as well. You will encounter caves in your hike journey, and to make the experience safe, safety rails have been installed in rough areas.

Flint River

Summer is incomplete without some outdoor water fun. To not miss out on this summer fun, visit the Flint River and opt for either or all of these – kayaking, floating, and canoeing.

Purdy Butterfly House

Huntsville’s Purdy Butterfly house is an open-air butterfly house that is undoubtedly the largest in the nation. If butterflies fascinate you, make sure to visit this space this summer and enjoy the sight of some of the most colorful butterflies ever. There is a straight path that allows you to walk among the butterflies and enjoy the house’s lush vegetation. Streams, waterfalls, and ponds are also present.

Summer Readings at the Library

The librarians are always happy to have you in the library. The library is air-conditioned and holds summer readings throughout the summer months. So, you must attend a few of these summer readings.

Botanical Garden’s Firefly Night Hike

Huntsville’s Botanical Garden is already famous due to the wide variety of offerings. But it is extra special during the summers as you can opt for a well-guided hike among the thousands of fireflies at night. During this fun hike, you can also acquire knowledge about this creature’s life cycle. If that was not enough, the guides also give you knowledge on how to turn your house backyard into a space that will attract fireflies.

Play at Hays

If you are interested in learning about animals while also enjoying the outdoor nature during the summer for free, you need to book a slot with Hays right now!

Burritt on the Mountain Museum

No matter the season, the Burritt on the Mountain Museum is always an excellent place to visit. It gives its tourists an idea about the culture and people of the place and antiquity of the 19th century. It also allows the tourists to explore the Burritt Mansion, which houses Dr. Burritt’s artifacts.

Pop Jets

It is a perfect space for your kids and you to enjoy a splash party. Pop Jet offers four fountains – the Children’s fountain, the fountain at the shower’s center, Bridge Street, and Brahan Street. It can get a tad bit challenging to get your kids out of here, so make sure to slather them up with a good amount of sun protection creams.


During summers, Huntsville hosts many concerts in the park. Visit these concerts with your friends and families. Some of the concerts you can choose this summer are – Cotton and Clover, Them Damn Dogs, Wanda Band, and The Beasley Brothers.

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